Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Beauty Blended - Old School Blend Tutoial


Large tube of choice or close up
  • I'm using a tube by Jennifer Janesko.  She has a ton of face tubes that are perfect for this type of tag.  You can purchase her tubes at CDO here.
4 textures of choice  (12, 17, 20, 60 by Artpluslove here)
Moonbeams and Spiderwebs Timeline Masks 28 & 29 here
AAA Frames - Foto Frame
2 fonts of choice (one fat - one plain or script) - I used Back to Black Demo and Ellie Mae Demo

Please note.  If you are using different textures or tubes, you may have to change the blend modes to suit your tube/textures.  
1.  Open a new canvas  600 x 250.
2.  Copy/Paste texture 60 as a new layer, and arrange it where you like.  I just left mine where it was.
3.  Add a new raster layer.  Selections>Select All.
4.  Copy/Paste texture 20 into selection.  Deselect.
5.  Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image.  MB and SW Timeline Mask 29.  Source Luminance and Invert checked

6.  Layers>Merge Group
7.  Copy/Paste Texture 12 as a new layer.
8.  I wanted the color red to pop, so I colorized it.  Adjust>Hue and Saturation?Colorize  Hue: 0  Saturation: 141
9.  Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image.  MB and SW Timeline Mask 28.  Source Luminance and Invert checked
10.  Layers>Merge Group
11.  Add tube/close up and a new layer.  Resize as necessary and position on the left side of your tag.
12.  Double click on they layer in your layer palette and change the blend mode to overlay.
13.  Duplicate your tube layer.
14.  On the duplicate.  Adjust>Blur>Gaussian Blur - 3
15.  Change the blend mode on this layer to Soft Light.
16.  Copy/Paste Texture 17 as a new layer.
17.  Effects>Texture Effects>Weave with the following settings.

18.  Change the blend mode to Overlay and the Opacity to 67.
19.  Crop your image to 600 x 250.  This step is important as the frame will not work properly if you skip it.
20.  You can merge visible on your layers and apply the filter once, or if you're crazy like me, you can leave everything in layers and apply the filter to every layer.  I prefer to leave mine in layers, so I can manipulate things or change them if necessary.
21.  Apply AAA Frames Foto Frame with the following settings.  Remember if you left yours in layers like I did, you will need to apply this to each layer in your palette.

22.  Change your text color to Background>White Foreground>Color of choice (I used a dark red) and stroke to 1.
23.  Type out your word and apply a drop shadow of V&H - 2 O - 50 B-5
24.  Change the blend mode to Overlay.
25.  Duplicate and change the blend mode to Multiply and the Opacity to 58.
26.  Add your copyrights.
27.  Add your names using your thin font with the foreground set to null and the background white.
28.  Apply the same drop shadow you used for your "fat" word.  Duplicate the drop shadow twice.
29.  Save your tag as JPEG or PNG, and you are done.

Here are a couple more examples.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Surf 'N Turf CT Snags

Hi everyone!  I have some new CT snags for you all today featuring the beautiful kit Surf 'N Turf by Freek's Creations.  This totally adorable and versatile kit has 62 elements, 2 frames, 2 word arts, and 11 papers.  It's absolutely perfect for those on the beach or in the ocean tags.  You can purchase this kit from Mystical Scraps here or Scraps & Company here.

My first set of snags is featuring the awesome art work of Alicia Mujica.  I swear, I don't use her art often enough.  You can purchase her artwork at her own site here.

My second set of snags is using the adorable artwork of Laguna.  You can purchase her tubes at Pics for Design here.  Do you imagine that kitty it bringing the fish back to the sea, or is he hoping for a snack?

Finally, would whoever has been trying to steal my mojo please stop?  My arms are tired from playing tug of war.  It's my mojo, and I need it.  Thank you for understanding.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Big City Night CT Snags

Hi everyone.  I have a bunch of new snags for you featuring the Big City Night Collab from Mystical Scraps.  This is a Mystical Scraps exclusive which can be purchased here.  Please don't use this kit without first purchasing it. 

This stunning kit is in three parts by Freek's Creations, Creative Scraps by Crys, and Crystal's Creations.  It contains a total of 190 elements and 35 papers.

My first set of snags is using Freek's Creations gorgeous portion of the kit.  These snags are using the beautiful artwork of Misticheskaya which can be purchased at Pics for Design here.

The second set of snags is using Creative Scraps by Crys amazing part of the kit and the lovely artwork of Nocturne which can also be purchased at Pics for Design here.

And, the final set of snags combines the two parts of the kit by Creative Scraps by Crys and Freek's Creations.  For this part, I couldn't resist the adorable artwork of Cuddly Rigor Mortis, which can be purchased at Creative Design Outlet here.